Little gift

Again this night seema was was fighting thousand of enemies which were none other than her random thoughts.

Seema was a student preparing for competitive exam. She daily had a hectic schedule and was starving for an equilibrium in her life. She anyhow wanted to get rid of entropy created in her life.

But this everything was only until she heard a knock at her door in the mid night one day. She opened the door and her body was freezed to notice nobody their othe than a small rough looking box which was kept at her door.

She somehow managed to pick that box and then opened it with shaking hands. As the box got opened a smile which would cost million dollars ran over her face with the speed of bullet train. Their was a small dairy milk chocolate with a small letter from her father. Unlike others seema first ate the chocolate and then read the letter . This letter consisted only three words which were “keep smiling beta”.

After reading this sentence seema suddenly felt the presence of an equilibrium which she was starving for more than an year